So far just a family moving to Portugal july 2016 helping out people who are helping out people. A place for like minded people looking for permaculture related courses in Portugal and much more.

Lucky enough to have some land to work on or still looking for yours, just like us? Ready to learn more about soil, climate in a hands-on course.  That’s how I started my stay at Várzea summer 2015, I wanted to know more about the local conditions. Thanks to one of Chaym’s courses I learned a great deal and was able to put things more in perspective.

Now they also have a PDC coming up, which I personally hope to join. A chance to really attend a course instead of reading the books.

So for now it’s all about what’s happening at Várzea da Gonçala in Aljezur, Portugal spring 2016. A PDC with Peter Cow in march and a Food Forest and Ecological Gardenining with agro-ecologist Chaym Feldman in april.

Plenty more will follow at I CAN FEED MYSELF. We’ll put that online when it’s all confirmed. And now we’ve started, surely more people with plans and ideas will join here. Enjoy!

More about the courses
“An as wonderful as educational stay at Várzea da Gonçala during last summer’s IPG course. A great experience for the whole family.”

Permaculture Design Course

  • 11th to 22nd March 2016
  • Course leader PDC teacher Peter Cow
  • A mix of classic permaculture design
  • Social permaculture
  • Including a masterclass in eco-gardening with Chaym Feldman
  • and much more
Course details

Food Forest and Eco Gardenining

  • 4th to 14th April 2016
  • Course leader agro-ecologist Chaym Feldman
  • Food-forest development
  • Permaculture gardening
  • Planning, Growing and Maintaining
  • and much more
Course details


Still early stages here. Blogging will be more frequent once we’re more orientated. Which should be soon. For now, we hope that some connections are made and people can keep on giving these courses. We are willing to learn.
This is what we have so far.

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Food Forest and Ecological Gardenining (4-14/04/16)

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PDC with Peter Cow in Aljezur, Portugal (11-22/03/16)

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Who are we?

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